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Mental Health 101 – Aptihealth Introduces Virtual-First Solutions For Residents in New York State

Aptihealth is a value-care provider based in New York State, focusing on telehealth in a virtual-first setting. Leaning on the growing virtual healthcare industry, Aptihealth has helped to deliver winning mental health services to patients throughout New York State right to the comfort of their homes.

Good mental health can become a foundation for a better way of life. Finding an ‘even keel’ can help us overcome obstacles, live better, and meet the challenges that life is ready to throw at us.

Introducing Aptihealth

Aptihealth is innovative in the digital behavioral health services sphere as it addresses all-acuity patients through affordable services in a virtual-first setting. Aptihealth works with physicians and partners with group practices, community organizations, and other outlets to ensure care is brought to those needing it.

Approximately 50 million adults in the United States cope with challenges about their mental health. From depression and anxiety to OCD, there is no shortage of challenges that can tangibly impact our day-to-day living.

What Barriers Prevent Health Services?

Demand for mental health services continues to grow, particularly after the COVID-19 pandemic. Roughly three-quarters of the United States believe that unequal access to mental health services is the norm, and nearly half of all Americans believe they have limited options.

Perceived and actual barriers to mental health can range across every geographic and demographic category. Many individuals simply lack the knowledge and know-how needed to find solutions, while others lack the finances to get support.

Mostly, barriers to mental health services pertain to waiting in line or making long drives. Americans reported roughly a six-week wait from booking a mental health service to attending the appointment. Nearly half of US residents know someone or have driven themselves for over an hour to receive mental health services.

Telehealth Brings Mental Health Support to the Masses

Telehealth services have never been more accessible or affordable. Aptihealth has embraced this growing industry since its inception in 2017, finding new ways to support residents over 5 in New York State.

Alongside Aptihealth’s work in the field, other changes on an industry-wide level have led to increased support for mental health.

  • Improved Insurance – Federal mandates have been established to strengthen insurance outcomes for individuals seeking mental health support.
  • Adoption of Digital TechnologyAptihealth embraced the adoption of digital technology, involving itself in the 30% increase in digital technology applications for support in mental health care.
  • Fewer Stigmas – More conversations are being had about mental health support, significantly reducing the stigmas associated with the topic.

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