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Medical Cannabis: 5 Reasons to Check Out Edibles

Discussions of cannabis consumption often conjure up images of people lying around smoking weed. If you are a medical cannabis patient, smoking may not be an option in your state. Even if it is, there are other ways to consume cannabis. Edibles are one of them.

Beehive Farmacy, a Utah medical cannabis pharmacy with locations in Brigham City and Salt Lake City, explain that edibles come in many forms. They can be purchased as gummies, lozenges, and so on. Some states even allow cookies, brownies, cannabis-infused beverages, and so forth.

If you are new to medical cannabis and wondering if edibles are right for you, here are five reasons to check them out:

1. No Smoke or Vapor

Smoking and vaping are arguably the two most popular methods for consuming cannabis. They are appreciated for their ability to deliver THC to the bloodstream very quickly. Unfortunately, it is difficult to smoke or vape discreetly. Anyone around you can see and smell the results of your activity.

There are no such concerns with edibles. They are much more discreet because they do not produce smoke or vapor. Choose something like a lozenge or gummy and you can pop it in your mouth without drawing any attention to yourself.

2. Convenient Consumption

Along with being discreet, using edibles is quite convenient. You do not need any special equipment or devices. You don’t have to find something to drink, like you would if you were taking a capsule. You just pull one out of the package and eat it. Nothing could be more convenient.

3. Inclusion with Meals

If you are the kind of person who appreciates things like cannabis-infused butter (cannibutter) and cannabis-infused beverages, you can consume your medication along with your meals. You do not have to treat medicating as a separate activity unto itself. Moreover, including it with your meals normalizes consumption, which may be important if family members struggle with your medication.

4. Lower Delivery Volume

One of the unique aspects of consuming edibles is that the actual volume of THC delivered to your bloodstream is comparatively low. Where smoking or vaping can deliver upwards of 60% of the THC, edibles are closer to 10-20%. This makes edibles a good option for using at work or in other situations in which you want to avoid a THC high. You still get the benefits of THC without interfering with whatever it is you are doing.

5. Longer-Lasting Effects

Another interesting aspect of edibles is the amount of time it takes for you to begin feeling the effects of THC. When you smoke or vape, you begin feeling the effects almost instantly. You also peak in about 10 minutes. You are likely to stop feeling all the effects within 30 minutes or so.

Edibles can take an hour or more to kick in. Peak occurs for most people at about two hours, while the effects do not completely wear off for up to 3 hours. In short, you will enjoy the effects of the THC for longer if you choose to use edibles. There is one caveat here: your metabolism will affect total time. This is to say that you are not guaranteed to feel the effects of your medicine for several hours.

Medical cannabis users have lots of options for dosage and delivery. Even though smoking and vaping are the most commonly utilized methods of consumption, edibles are a valid option worth considering. If you are new to medical cannabis, at least give edibles some thought. You might talk them over with your pharmacist or medical provider as well.

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