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Decentralized Online Casinos Are Wooing In High Rollers

The use of blockchain in Casinos has revolutionized the 50+ billion-dollar industry.

With blockchain, online casino players can bet on an extensive range of table games and slot machines with cryptocurrencies, instead of real money.

Most online betting platforms based on blockchains, accept bets on a wide range of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dogecoin, but a few platforms like betchan, are Bitcoin specialists.

Betchan casino offers a vivid platter of most popular bitcoin casino games such as the Angler, Satoshi’s Secret, and the Book of Fortune. They offer new players a bonus package of about €400 or CAD/AUD 1500 and also throws in 120 free spins, along with country-specific welcome offers. Bettors at betchan must have a water-deposit bonus of at least 40x while their free spin bonuses must be wagered 50x.

Even though betchan sells itself as a bitcoin specialist, their bonuses are not available on LTC, BCH, BTC, and DOGE wallet.

There are other newly-emerged blockchain-based casinos like BetHash, whose presence has been felt strongly. BetHash has recently updated its maximum betting limit to $5000, quarterly. It will be operational from this month.

Along with being very crypto-friendly, they have an outstanding user interface(UI) and is highly secure. They maintain permanent records of every bet, every spin, and each randomly generated character so, players can look back through to inspect any activity, they found suspicious.

BetHash is open to players from all over the world and allows them to make use of cryptocurrencies to bet on any of its casino games. Apart from those, BetHash is entirely decentralized, so, no one can take off with a player’s bankroll. And, the site is always online; it cannot be taken down or disrupted by technical issues or faulty administration.

Some of the other attractive features of BetHash include:

  • Munificent signup bonuses and promotions with no deposit rewards, along with weekly and quarterly bonuses.
  • An active referral system which guarantees up to 15% of the house edge.
  • Opportunity to acquire passive income by staking and investing in HASH tokens.
  • One of the most trustworthy gambling systems, as it operates on the EOS transaction hash system, which is cheat-proof.
  • Opportunities to get free betting crypto via the website’s “Level Up” program.
  • Chance of winning hash points when a player’s reference brings in bets(the bets has to be of 10 USDT or more).
  • Allows the exchange of popular ‘altcoins’ like Tron, Ethereum, USDT, and EOS for Bitcoin.

BetHash and betchan are a few of the key players in the blockchain-based online casino industry who have made significant progress in eliminating the house from the equation. They have also successfully made bets faster and more entertaining, and have eliminated most of the drawbacks of a traditional casino. They will surely play significant roles in the transformation of the gambling industry in the coming years.

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