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Bharat Bhise Looks at Ways to Start Integrating Self-Care in Your Daily Routine


According to Bharat Bhise, self-care is all about looking after the most important person in your life, you! If you think that’s a bit narcissistic, note that you won’t be able to help others if you’re not taking care of yourself. Let’s check out how you can start integrating self-care into your daily routine.

The Details

  1. Long and deep breaths – This tip sounds ridiculous since you wouldn’t be alive to read this article if you weren’t breathing. However, regular breathing isn’t the topic of discussion here. Instead, you need to focus on taking long and deep breaths. If you make a conscious effort to use the full range of your breath, it has a fantastic effect on both your mind and your body. Deep breathing helps you to remain calm and relaxed under stress. With deep breathing, you pump more oxygen-rich blood to your brain to help you feel focused.
  1. Dance around – Here’s a challenge. Turn up the volume on your favorite song, dance around in your home, and try your best to not feel good at the end. It’s an impossible task since it goes against nature. You don’t need to dance in public places. Pull the curtains, drop the blinds, lock the door, turn on the music, and dance in the privacy of your room. Dancing gets you active and makes your brain release endorphins, happy hormones that give you the feeling of power, fun, comfort, and relaxation.
  1. Treat yourself – This article is all about making yourself feel good. Pampering yourself and spoiling yourself. No, you don’t need to spend all your money on a weekend on a luxurious vacation and regret your financial decisions. Just take off some time for yourself each week to do whatever makes you smile. You may get a massage, a bubble bath, a facial at home, do your nails, or indulge in any other form of self-pampering without digging a giant hole in your wallet. 
  1. Turn off social media – Smartphones and social media are designed to grab your attention for as long as possible. Tap, swipe, scroll, write, post pictures, and click videos all day long and you’re on the verge of addiction. That’s why you need a social media detox for better self-care. Both Android and iOS have focus modes to turn off social media notifications for as long as you want. Try out those features.
  1. Move around – If you live in the US and don’t live in a major city, you’re probably surrounded by poor pedestrian-friendly infrastructure. Despite that, try to walk around whenever possible instead of using your car. Staying active and walking around helps you interact more with the real world instead of desensitizing you inside your car.


Bharat Bhise suggests that you use the above-mentioned tips to start integrating self-care into your life. Focusing on self-care allows you to have a tougher approach and hold a stronger position for all kinds of things life throws at you.

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