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Prostheses: What You Need To Know

Gradually it would help if you gained mobility. The prerequisites are an optimal prosthetic socket, the correct choice of the sheath, and a suitable prosthetic foot. It is important to us that you walk out of our house with a smile on your face.

Leg Prostheses

Whether you have had a forefoot, leg, or hip amputation, we draw our know-how in prostheses from our experience of more than 80 years of activity and have several specialists for all Levels of amputation. We also treat physical malformations daily. We do not hesitate to go the extra mile with you to obtain the optimal solution. This is probably why some of our patients take it upon themselves to travel several thousand kilometers to be served by us.

Arm Prostheses

Arm prostheses or transhumeral prosthetic replace the function and aesthetics of an arm. Whether cosmetic or myoelectric components, you will find a full range of arm prostheses with us.

Prostheses For Children

Children want to discover the world. They grow fast, which places special demands on the prostheses as well as on the technicians. Our prostheses are adapted according to the variations of the child’s growth.

Bath Prostheses

Can I go swimming with my prosthesis? Not every prosthesis is water resistant. However, there is the possibility of making a prosthesis suitable for use in water. Bath prostheses offer you more comfort and quality of life in the pool and beach. To date, bath prostheses are hardly covered by insurers.

Sports Prostheses

Movement is healthy for the body, soul, and spirit. Prostheses for sports are hard, to date, supported by insurance. We have, nevertheless, already had the privilege of supplying many elite athletes.

Silicone Prostheses

Is your prosthesis important to you aesthetically? We are currently finding silicone in different areas. It manufactures fingers, toes, feet, and cosmetic coatings (COATINGS?) for leg prostheses. A lot of manual finesse is needed to imitate the skin type and achieve the most similar shape.

Breast Prostheses

You will be in the right place for breast prostheses with matching lingerie and swimwear at the specialist. You will be very well advised and provided in a separate, quiet, well-equipped room. There you can also get elegant lingerie in plus sizes and nursing bras.

Life After Amputation: Why Buy A Prosthesis?

Why Buy An Orthopedic Prosthesis

The choice to use a prosthesis will depend on each one’s goals. Ask the following questions: what activities will you do in your daily life with the prosthesis? Are you going to run or play any sport?

Think about what you did before the loss of the limb because today, with the development of increasingly technological prostheses, you can do anything with your prosthesis. And talk to your doctors like primecare orthotics & prosthetics for example accompanying you in your rehabilitation process to guide you to a device that will help you achieve your goals.

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