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Phytotherapy: An Essential Specialty In The Field Of Nutrition

Prescription of herbal medicines such as PaylessKratom kratom extracts for example is an increasingly widespread practice in ​​Nutrition. Find out more about the importance of herbal medicine in nutrition.

The Importance Of Herbal Medicine In Nutrition

First of all, it is essential to know that we mean medicines whose raw material is exclusively vegetables when we talk about phytotherapy. After an industrialization process, this raw material gives rise to herbal medicine.

Within their field of activity, the nutritionist can use medicinal plants and plant drugs, herbal medicines, traditional herbal products, and herbal preparation as a complementary strategy to the dietary prescription.

Benefits Of Herbal Medicine For Nutrition

Herbal medicines are used because they have fewer side effects than allopathic medicines. These are the main advantages of herbal medicines:

  • The most cost-effective form of treatment, as herbal medicines are cheaper.
  • Fewer side effects.
  • Easier to obtain the raw material.
  • Provided by the Unified Health System (SUS) integrative and complementary.

 In this case, being a nutritionist specializing in phytotherapy provides more in-depth knowledge about all the characteristics of medicinal plants and herbal medicines and their advantages and how to use them best.

Benefits of herbal medicine in the treatment of diseases

The term herbal medicine comes from Greek and means “plant therapy.” It studies medicinal plants and their applications in curing diseases by stimulating the body’s natural defenses. The treatment of natural origin, the low cost, and the reduction of side effects are the biggest advantages of using herbal medicines. According to experts, this type of medication and conventional ones offer quality assurance, proven therapeutic effects, standardized composition, and safety of use for the population.

Herbal medicines produce positive results in a maximum of four hours. After analyzing the patient and prescribing the correct vegetable, the condition soon improves. It’s not a slow procedure. Once the problem is solved, the drugs can be suspended.

The treatment helps fight infectious diseases, metabolic disorders, allergies, and even psychological disorders; among many other indications, phytotherapy is recommended for newborns to the elderly. However, its use cannot be indiscriminate.

The wide variety of medicinal plants among Brazilian states can generate confusion among those who make homemade herbal compounds. Among the abundance of different plant species, there is still the problem of the absence of a pharmacist responsible for the compound; the lack of quality tests and trust in popular knowledge can cause misunderstandings in the manufacture of medicines.

Therefore, the inappropriate use of herbal medicines can generate side effects such as allergic reactions and serious toxic effects. Use can only be done under the prescription of a herbalist.

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